Projects List/Goals

Bird habitat:

This is truly one of our priorities and we will not rest until each bird on this island has its own luxury heated nest where he can live a decent life and breed more birds.

Bass restoration:

We love fishing so we need to make sure that bass prospers in the surrounding waters. We restore their population then we fish them, then we restore it again and so on. Or we can simply release the fish once caught to help maintain a stable population of bass in Beaver Island’s waters.

Sustainable forest management:

We love hunting in the forest when we don’t fish. And there is nothing more exciting than spotting a group of deer in the forest. Managing the forest and making sure the trees remain healthy and grow normally contribute to the whole atmosphere and hunting experience. A Tchernobyl-like forest is not really attractive if you love the great outdoors like us.

Find out if you’re ready to join the mission and discover your new love for animals by joining the cause. Go ahead and send us an email with your idea, donations, and personal wildlife conservation projects,.